ORION Data Analytics is the data analysis platform from CR Digital, delivering rich productivity and machine health insights directly to operational teams.

CR Digital have developed the ORION Data Analytics reporting platform to deliver productivity and machine health insights directly to operational teams from our suite of digital products.

The ORION Data Analytics platform enables miners to drill down into a range of operational metrics, including: dig unit productivity, truck payload compliance, machine attachment duty and operator performance – to highlight a few.

ORION Data Analytics leverages the power of multiple delivery mediums by using a combination of the latest cloud-based analytics tools. Insights are delivered via web or mobile platforms, via secure databases and simple-to-use interfaces, tailored to your operational environment. The mix of reporting technologies enables production and maintenance teams to review performance and improvements when required, resulting in more time to focus on driving their operations.

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Data Delivered

  • Combines web-based visualisation tools

  • Scheduled reporting to provide insights to every audience

  • Production and machine duty reports are automatically compiled

  • Distributed to key contacts on elected intervals; per shift, day, week, month

  • Shift reports focus on key metrics to provide a debrief for supervisors and superintendents and to assist in establishing targets for the next interval

  • Long term reports focus on production and machine health trends for  monthly reconciliation and predictive maintenance


Tailored Analytics

  • Structured to provide the right information to the right team when it’s needed most

  • Report packs have been designed to provide operational insights to Production, Maintenance and Business focused groups rather than a one-size-fits-all reporting solution

  • Access the data and reports that matters to your business and tailor Orion Data Analytics to best suit your operation

Maximise your CR Digital product impact
Shift and Status reports – optimise performance
Data email every 24 hours / per shift
Standard offer with any CR Digital product


With ORION Short Interval Control, you have access to the latest information about your fleet. Your team can make informed decisions from anywhere to ensure daily targets are met and production performance is maximised.

The ORION Advanced Analytics platform provides comprehensive on demand reporting packs
tailored to individual mining operational departments.


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