RazerOptics™ is a patented live wear monitoring solution for process applications

RazerOptics™ is a patented live wear monitoring solution for material processing applications that offers the following benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased production (through reduced downtime)
  • Improved shutdown planning
  • Assists with avoiding surprises such as unplanned maintenance

RazerOptics™ uses optic fibres to interface with wear liners in the known high-wear areas of a chute. Signals monitored by the RazerOptics™ system trigger a notification when the liner wears to a pre-set level. The data generated can be used for predictive maintenance allowing planners to schedule change-out at the best possible time, minimising waste and ensuring there is no risk of a liner wearing out in service.

Live monitoring also means that confined space access and shutdowns are not required for the inspection of wear liners in a chute. Safety hazard exposure and downtime is reduced as a result.

A standard RazerOptics™ system can be configured to monitor 8 or 12 liners in a chute. When placed in the known high wear areas of a chute, this gives sufficient information to forecast the maintenance or replacement of wear liners. If needed, RazerOptics™ can also be tailored to a customer’s specific data requirements.

The system can be monitored in real-time via the 4G network or local site WiFi. The RazerOptics™ system also sends email or SMS notifications at a pre-set wear level. There are indicator lights on the RazerOptics™ enclosure for offline monitoring.

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