Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology maximises productivity benefits for your mine site, with real-time data

Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology unlocks and maximises new productivity benefits for your mine site, with real-time data.

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Titan 3330™ is the leading real-time hydraulic shovel payload monitoring system, increasing average payloads while reducing safety overloads, delivering improved production over an optimised load haul fleet.

  • Intuitive in-cab operating system providing real-time feedback and reporting
  • Cycle and truck payload to target real-time data
  • Structural fatigue monitoring of the Boom and Stick via add-on Strain gauging module
  • Multiple data reporting options, including scheduled daily reports, online dashboards, and historical analytics are available
  • High-Precision GPS (HPGPS) and machine reducing level (RL) to enable dig to plan
  • A simple intuitive user interface (UI)

Titan 3330™ system uses highly sophisticated instruments and patented algorithms to calculate and display the payload of each bucket, accurately, in real-time and during motion, before it is dumped into the truck.

The intuitive user interface, displays the real-time data, to assist the operator with accurate truckloads by allowing them to understand the current bucket weight, and what the remaining payload target is, in real-time.

Titan 3330™ enables its users to set specific payload targets to individual trucks, and can automatically recognize arriving trucks and their target payload, using RFID technology. The targets set, allow the mines to align their fill rates to the sites production strategy, further optimizing the load haul fleet.

The Titan™ technology automatically recognizes non-productive loads, and only allocates those loads that are dumped into the trucks, as ongoing payload data. Once a truck is at target capacity and leaves, Titan automatically refreshes the payload data, calibrating for the next truck in line.

By providing our customers with real-time production and fatigue monitoring data, Titan allows operators to self-correct potential damaging dig techniques, which improves their overall performance and reduces the possibility of damage to the digger and trucks, potentially reducing unscheduled downtime.

The Titan™ daily reporting platform, Orion™, details the operator’s overall performance, which means you can measure efficiency and production statistics for each operational shift. The Titan reporting platform also includes the excavator summary report which is cycle-by-cycle data showing production and fatigue monitoring. Key metrics can be set to enable operators to stay on target, limit overloads and promote efficient production across any load haul fleet.

Titan 3330™ Load Haul Optimisation Technology supports your mine site in exceeding its operational objectives.

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