TITAN 3330

Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimisation Technology ensures real productivity gains, delivered in real-time

Key Specifications

Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimisation is a proven, industry-leading technology for Face Shovel, Backhoe, Wheel Loader and underground LHD machines powered by Artificial Intelligence to continuously learn and improve.

Built on 2.5 billion tonnes of in-field experience and 150+ deployments, Titan 3330 enhances productivity in mining operations:

Accurate real-time payload feedback

  • Payload feedback to the operator reduces truck payload spread and increases production
  • Structural duty monitoring during dig cycles

Enhanced productivity

  • Increased target payload per truck without increasing major overloads
  • Increased circuit efficiency due to limiting costly under and overloads

Reduced health and safety risks

  • Fewer truck overloads means fewer health and safety risks

Reduced maintenance requirements

  • Reduced machine damage and excessive wear due to bucket overloads
  • Designed tough for mining, with CR Digital’s remote health monitoring, driving your production

Continuous improvement

  • CR Digital’s Analysis and Improvement team help interpret your data, overlay your operating context with your team, to jointly identify improvement opportunities
  • Real-time data to mobile supervisor tablets, enabling timely in-shift interventions


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Product Details

Titan 3330 system uses highly sophisticated sensing and patented algorithms to calculate and display the payload of each bucket, accurately, in real-time and during motion, before it is dumped into the truck.

The intuitive user interface displays accurate individual bucket and cumulative truck payloads to the operator, allowing them to understand the current bucket weight, and the remaining payload to accurately fill the truck, in real-time.

Titan 3330 enables its users to set specific payload targets to individual trucks and can automatically recognize arriving trucks and their target payload. The set targets allow the mines to align their fill rates to the site’s production strategy, further optimizing the load haul fleet.

The Titan technology automatically recognizes non-productive loads, and only allocates those loads that are dumped into the trucks, as ongoing payload data. Once a truck is at target capacity and leaves, Titan automatically refreshes the payload data, getting ready for the next truck in line.

By providing our customers with real-time production and machine damage data, Titan allows operators to self-correct potential damaging dig techniques, which improves their overall performance and reduces damage to the digger and trucks, reducing unplanned downtime.

The Titan data analytics platform, Orion™, details the operator’s overall performance, which means you can measure efficiency and production statistics for each operational shift. The Titan reporting platform also includes the excavator summary report which is cycle-by-cycle data showing production and fatigue monitoring. Key metrics can be set to enable operators to stay on target, limit overloads and promote efficient production across any load haul fleet.

Titan 3330 Load Haul Optimisation Technology supports your mine site in exceeding its operational objectives.

AI-powered payload monitoring – our most advanced real-time system ever.

  • Powerful artificial intelligence continually learns and improves its ability to identify a productive load, bucket by bucket.
  • A smarter and faster system to provide operators with more precise feedback that's easier to implement in the field.

Accurate and adaptable Truck.Trakka technology.

  • New truck tracking technology with enhanced accuracy ensures the right payload, is assigned to the right truck, every time.
  • Quickly and accurately identifies your haul truck fleet, so target payloads are adjusted and optimized by individual vehicle.

Evolved user experience. More intuitive than ever.

  • You spoke; we listened. We partnered with top operators to develop a new interface that's intuitive and uncomplicated.
  • We’re constantly refining our user display so operators can spend less time reading a screen and more time digging efficiently.

Robust architecture built with future growth in mind.

  • CR Digital is always at the forefront of mining technology, and that extends to our Titan 3330 system.
  • Our new software platform is built to grow with you – increasing functionality, increasing insights, increasing supportability and availability.
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