Thunderbird Drill Optimisation

Thunderbird Drilling includes robust hardware and high-tech software solutions for drilling operations globally.

Thunderbird Drill Optimisation

CR Digital is proud to offer customers the Thunderbird Drill Optimization product range. With more than 30 years in the drill and blast industry, CR Digital’s Thunderbird product range offers robust hardware and high-tech software solutions that enable crews to make better-informed decisions in the field and improve productivity and safety across their operations.

The Thunderbird optimization and monitoring systems can be utilized across mining, quarrying, blasting, exploration, and other applications, as well as other industries where blast hole drilling and navigation accuracy is critical.

The Thunderbird DEI+ Drill Efficiency Indicator and the Thunderbird 1110 Drill Optimization product ranges can be installed on new equipment, or retrofitted to existing equipment


  • Optimize blast hole drilling and blasting resources
  • Improve safety
  • Improve blasting efficiency and productivity
  • Improve fragmentation
  • Better understand your ore mix and geological base
  • Reduce overall drilling costs
  • Access fast, accurate, real-time data in the field or in the office.
  • CR Digital’s Thunderbird product range can be found on sites worldwide including Africa, Australia, India, Indonesia, Europe, North and South America.


The Thunderbird 1110 Drill Optimization system includes the latest drilling technology, setting a new industry standard for blast hole drill guidance and monitoring.

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Thunderbird DEI is the original drill efficiency indicator technology.

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